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Qruiser - The Nordic Gay Lesbian & Queer Online Community

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It is free and there are over 100,000 active members.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Qruiser. Click on a question to read the the answer or on a section heading to see all the questions and answers in that section. You can also use the search function in the page heading to search FAQ.

Who can become a member of Qruiser?
What do I do if I haven’t received an activation code?
How do I change my password?
How do I change my nickname?
How do I change my registered e-mail address?
How do I contact Qruiser support/abuse?
How do I terminate my membership?
How does the Satellite work?
My page was deleted and I want it back. Is that possible?
Can I get deleted pictures/movies/messages/clubs etc back?
How do I block another member?
How do “favourites” work and how many can I have?
Somebody has added me as a favourite even though I don’t want it!
How many guestbook entries can I save?
I can’t see my guestbook, why?
How do I exclude a member from my discussions?
Who is responsible for the discussions?
I have changed my mobile number, how do I register my new number?
Why can’t I choose to what gender or range of age I want to show my face image, or my gender, sexual identity or place of residence, to? (As I can do with a block of content, like a photo album)
Can the members I have ignored see my page?
My account hasn't been verified!
Are read messages saved automatically?
Can I send the same message to several members?
How many messages can I save in my inbox and outbox?
Is there a limit to how long a message can be?
What clubs can I start?
Can a founder of a club just throw me out of a club?
How do I block a member in my club?
What decides if my club should be classed as xxx or not?
What does it mean when a club is secret/private/public?
Can I pass on a club that I have founded to another member?
My private images are visible on my home page!
What are the rules regarding sexual images and movies of young people?
What images can I upload? What about copyright?
When should an image be rated as nude/sexual?
I want to save images from Qruiser, but I can’t. Why?
I see ”flowery wallpaper” instead of some images?
How can I view sexual images and clubs?
How do I avoid viewing sexual images and clubs?
Can I choose who will be able to see my private photos from amongst my favourites?
I have activated my Spotlight, but I can’t see it.
Where do I register my phone number so I can upload a Spotlight?
Sexual Spotlight?
I live in a small place and only know a few people on Qruiser; how do I get verified? None of my favourites are verified.
Why can’t you at Qruiser verify members by letting them send in a face image and member id, or something similar?
I want to be verified without showing my face image to everybody. Is that possible?
Why do you show who has verified me? Maybe I don’t want to broadcast who knows me.
Why not use personal id numbers instead?
Why do I have to be a member for a month before I can be verified? Why did I get error message “Your membership accounts are too similar” when I tried to verify?
How do I start chatting with someone?
How do I have a video chat?
What should I think about when chatting?
Why can’t I see a chat icon on everyone’s homepage?

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